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Maximize Your Social Media Impact, Minimize Your Effort

We handle your social media so you can focus on what you do best.

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Tier Two

Posts per Week: 5

(Total 20 per month)

Perfect for businesses aiming for higher engagement and visibility with five posts a week.

  • Growing service providers, realtors, expanding family-owned businesses, regional construction companies, mid-sized retailers, and local restaurant chains.


  • Enhanced management of Facebook and Instagram accounts.

  • A mix of standard posts, carousels, and reels targeted to your audience and industry.

  • Tailored captions, hashtags, and basic SEO.

  • Intermediate Engagement Strategy:

    • Increased audience interaction.

    • Regular engagement analysis.

    • Use of interactive features like polls and questions in posts.

  • SEO Services:

    • Advanced hashtag research and optimization.

    • Content optimization with strategic keyword placement.

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Tier One

Posts per Week: 3

(Total 12 per month)

Ideal for businesses looking to maintain a consistent presence with three posts a week.

  • Local cafes, restaurants, independent contractors, small retail shops, solo practitioners like plumbers or electricians, and new small-scale startups.



  • Management of Facebook and Instagram accounts.

  • A mix of standard posts, carousels, and reels targeted to your audience and industry.

  • Customized captions and hashtags.

  • Basic Engagement Strategy:

    • Automated DM greetings for new followers.

    • Weekly engagement reports.

    • Content sharing from industry-relevant sources.

  • SEO Services:

    • Basic hashtag optimization.

    • Profile optimization for better search visibility.

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Posts per Week: 7

(Total 28 per month)


Ideal for: Well-established businesses, large contractors, major dealerships, prominent real estate agencies, and market-leading enterprises.


  • Comprehensive management of Facebook and Instagram accounts.

  • Wide variety of standard posts, carousels, and reels.

  • Customized captions, advanced hashtags, and SEO optimization.

  • Proactive Engagement Strategy:

    • Strategic audience expansion.

    • Advanced analytics and insights.

    • Community building initiatives.

    • Proactive reputation management.

  • SEO Services:

    • In-depth hashtag analysis and competitor SEO analysis.

    • Custom SEO reporting and alignment with algorithm changes.

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Step Two:

We'll dive into the specifics of your brand identity and secure access to your social media accounts. This includes establishing or refining your brand guide with critical elements like fonts, colors, and approved logos, ensuring our content creation aligns with your brand’s visual and tonal essence. We'll also collaborate to create a set of "rules of engagement" for interacting with your online community, facilitating consistent and authentic communication. This grants us the autonomy to produce content that resonates with your audience while staying true to your brand's voice.

One-Time Setup Fee

Brand Consultation and Setup

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Tailored Plans

Tired of juggling social media on top of everything else? Overwhelmed by the constant need to post, engage, and stay on top of trends? You're not alone. That’s why we’re here — to take the social media load off your shoulders. Our Tailored Plans are designed with one thing in mind: giving you peace of mind.

Forget about the hassle of crafting the perfect post or figuring out the latest algorithm changes. Whether you’re struggling to get started, keep up, or stand out, we tailor our approach to fit your unique situation. No more guesswork, no more wasted time — just your social media, thriving, without you having to lift a finger.

The Right Fit for You

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Custom Pricing

During our Discovery Call, we'll dive deep into your business model, target audience, and social media goals. Based on this process, we'll recommend the tier that aligns with your needs and customize the content types to maximize your social media impact. We'll then provide a detailed pricing proposal tailored to the services that will best achieve your goals.

How We Determine Pricing

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